About the maker

My name is Suzanne – the owner & designer at Escaped From The Flock. I have always been passionate about wool: its wonderful thermal properties & its snug, homely feel. Luckily for me, my Mum knitted me woolies all the way through my years at home, & when it comes to buying it in store, I always snap up any interesting high quality woolen items I come across – which I always think are reasonably hard to come by! That was the inspiration for Escaped From The Flock. I strive to create fun & unique items, of the best quality.

About the business

  The business, named Little Frock of Sheep at the time, began in 2013 with a range of fully-fashioned dresses, skirts, & tops.  They were soon joined by throw rugs & wraps.  Later, ponchos, scarves & baby blankets were added.

From mid-2016, some of those items, and more, became available on Escaped From the Flock, an Etsy store, and in 2017 I introduced a new range of knitted merino fabric, available by the metre, for customers to use in their own creations.

Having had two children since starting the business, things have been slow.. but now as time becomes available the range of fabrics will steadily increase, & that is the future direction of the business, now called Escaped From The Flock.

About the process

To create a piece for Escaped From The Flock, I first imagine what I would like to make, & then comes the task of turning the idea into a 2-3 colour image that translates well to a knit. This type of knit is called a jacquard. I wrote a blog about creating a jacquard a while ago: https://escapedfromtheflock.com/uncategorized/designing-a-jacquard/

Once I have a 2-3 colour image that I am happy with, & have chosen the 2-3 colours of woolen yarn to use, then I outsource the programming & knitting to local folks that can create files that the industrial knitting machines can read, & knit up my creations for me. These then come back to me & I can pop them in my shop!