10 FAB FACTS about Little Frock of Sheep (in no particular order)

1. All items are machine washable, so it’s no fuss & you wool lovers out there can reclaim your weekends!
2. The collection is environmentally friendly, using a renewable resource and knitted to shape – so next to no waste to boot.
3. Everything’s made in Australia – around Melbourne in fact – by people working happily in ethical conditions.
4. The knits are lush & comfy which means you feel like you’ve snuck into work in your PJs all day while still looking super fancy.
5. The items are made from Australian merino, so we’re supporting one of Australia’s finest, most admirable industries.
6. The woolen yarn used is excellent quality, so you can say goodbye to pilling & twisting.
7. Because there are very limited production numbers from Little Frock of Sheep, & the items are quite unique looking in their own right, you can really make a statement in Little Frock of Sheep.
8. You can dress the garments up or down & make an easy transition between work & play – perfect for travel!
9. We strive for quality in both yarn & manufacturing, so these items should last a lifetime.
10. Our yarn meets the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, so no-one has to worry about having nasty chemicals against their skin.