Autumn Leaves Scarf Competition

Well the poetry competition to win an Autumn Leaves Scarf wasn’t as exciting as the baby blanket competition, voting-wise, but the quality of the poems was AAA!  There weren’t many entries, so I’ll include them all here.

The Autumn Leaf Scarf: An Easy Care merino scarf, transitioning from green, through red & yellow, to brown leaves.

Gabrielle H (winner!):
Those autumn leaves look like maple,
This woolly scarf’s an autumn staple.
If I had this scarf, I’d be snug,
But if I WON this scarf, I’d be smug!

.. who then added, after winning:

I’m thrilled – that is so exciting!
All that from my clumsy writing.
Now I’ll own a gorgeous scarf
Guess my poem made folks laugh!
You all should put yours in print
Sell a bundle, make a mint
Spend it on a worthy cause:
Little Frock of Sheep of course!

.. and who also bought an additional scarf (Thanks Gabrielle!!)!

Rebecca P:
Autumn, the gateway to winter
Cheeks and noses a gorgeous chilly glow
Crinkly leaves turn to snow…

Autumn Haiku :)

Lucy D:
Autumn: Red, orange, yellow
Helps the end of summer not feel mellow
They flitter, glide and fall
My kids crunch, jump and have a ball.

Kerry B:
Crinkling underneath my feet,
Where red, yellow and green meet.
The leaves fall without making a sound,
To be raked into brown piles along the ground.
But when I awaken I shall fall,
Into the pile of leaves and scatter them all.

Jo F:
Golden sunsets,
Cool crisp mornings.
Wrap the neck up,
Winter is dawning.

Mike E:
The Autumn leaves fall softly on her hair
With golden locks and love that’s fair
The Autumn leaves fall all of the time
Land on the love that will never be mine

Aren’t the all fab!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading them, & was amazed by the quality of the entries.  Thanks to everyone to entered and/or voted in the competition.