Limerick Competition Winner!

Congratulations Renee O’Brien for winning the limerick competition about a turtle named Tully!  Loved your wonderful poem!!  A well deserved win :)



“There once was a turtle named Tully,
Who loved to eat lots of red jelly.
He ate and he munched,

He chewed and he gulped,
Til no more would fit in his belly.”

— Renee O’Brien



Thanks for sharing a picture on Instagram of your gorgeous girl with her prize, the pink elephant blanket (


The competition was a lot of fun & all the entries were great.  It was a tough battle between Renee & Nicole Quirk in the end, & I was a bit nervous approaching the deadline, as I hadn’t worked out a plan for if there was a tie!!  Anyhoo, it was in Renee’s favor at the finish, & she picked the pink elephant blanket for her beautiful little girl.  Congratulations Renee, & thanks everyone for having a bit of fun with it :)